Join us at our next ‘Preventing Burglary’ Seminar on January 21st, 2010

lam glass incorrect installOur next Preventing Burglary seminar will be held on Thursday, January 21st at 6:45pm in our Kerrisdale Showroom.

Click here for more details and to RSVP.

We’ll have a wine & cheese reception before hand and then start promptly at 7:00pm. Afterwards, we’ll lead a tour through our 24/7 Operations Centre for anyone interested in seeing what happens behind the scenes when an alarm trips.

Our seminars always fill up … RSVP today to ensure that we’ve got a space for you on the 21st.

Here’s a clip from a recent seminar discusses ‘Five-Minute Proofing’ and why it is the most important home security tactic…

Here are a few of the comments that we have received about past seminars…

“The presentation was interesting, flowed, Mike clearly demonstrated expertise…there was a substantial emphasis on basic security.”

“[as a result of attending the seminar] I have a far better understanding of how one protects their home and that really it starts with the homeowners.”

” getting even more confidence in Provident”

“I particularly liked reiteration of the information about how to delay a burglar for 5 minutes. The tour of the operations facility was very interesting and confidence building”.

“I felt at ease. Information was useful.”

“I found it interesting and informative and I’m sure others would as well …. whether they have a system or not. It helps to stay current with crime trends and security options.”

“with all the home security advertising, I think it can be somewhat confusing for people and your session helped to clear up some issues.”

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